Eternal Sequence (sub​​-​​d58)

by Filip Xavi




Silence and sound (French)


Dj Pete: “cool stuff”

Laurent Garnier : “Great outta space techno .... will play for sure”

Dasha Rush: “Good release. will play it. Thanks.”

Jeroen Search: “yes! cool stuff!!”

Fundamental Interaction : Love Genera, thanks!”

Pär Grindvik: Love it! :)

Kriz: “will play the first track for sure”

Raiz: Cool Millsian deep synth action on Genera :D”

Electronic Cafe Radio : A new Subsist release is a new chance to impress your ears, and withing an impressive short period of time without a fail.Floating dancefloor techno with a sci-fy unavoidable
flavour. Thank you! ..”

Dj Hyperactive: “Liking Genera

Rodhad: eternal sequence for me. thanks”

Pacou: “genera should work”

Pfirter : Good selection, will play thanks.”

Milton Bradley: “sequence analysis is my pick”

Vertical Spectrum: excellent tunes, Filip Xavi brings it again, big up for
such a great ep”

HD Substance : Massive mental tunes here”

Mental Resonance: as usual Filip Xavi delivers amazing music ! i will try all tracks”

Corvum: Great release by Filip Xavi on Subsist Records.
Space electronic, techno electronica, abstract themes and melodies, great dark atmosphere and groovy deepness. Well done as always you will have my support, thank you!”

Dave Miler: “Eternal Sequence is really dope”

Liss C. : Eternal sequence is really good one!”

Dr. Motte : solid Techno package.

Angel Moina: 'Genera (Version 3)' is the one for me here, loving the
hysterical feel of it, thanks!”

Asedub : “espectacular! Infinite Regression funciona muchisimo FULL SUPPORT”

Mattias Fridell: Great music! Thanks for the promo

Dimi Angelis :I like 1, 3 and 4!!”

Leghau: Thanks a lot for the promo, i really like all tracks, it’s a great release, thanks

Kyle Geiger: “I like some of these!”

Redwan Chakrani: Great release. My choices are Infinite Regression and
Genera (version 3). Reminds me to Mills stuff.”

Coefficient: Love the intricacy of Genera v3. Really interesting trax
from Filip Xavi!”

Lag: Great stuff as always from Xavi.”

Sleeparchive: i enjoyed track 2 andespecially genera (version 3). thank you”

Jheal: Muy bueno el trabajo de Filip Xavi, gracias!!

Redial Tone : very nice, thank you.

John Busby : Thanks for the promo. The usual Subsist quality, really digging tracks 1,2,3.

Mike Stern :Quality EP (as usual) by Filip and Susbist! Lovely :)”

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released December 20, 2016

Mastered at Finalizer Studio

photo by : Mimusa / Fon



all rights reserved


Subsist Valencia, Spain

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